Aluminium Gravity Die-Casting

Aluminium gravity die-castings are produced either from customers’ tooling or from tooling manufactured in-house to customers’ drawings.

This process involves the molten liquid being poured into the mould cavity which fills with gravity rather than force. The end result is a casting which has a smoother surface and excellent dimensional accuracy.

Our foundries combine a rare blend of craft skills enhanced by modern technology to supply quality castings that suit all our customers’ unique requirements.

As a group of businesses we are able to cast up to 1000kgs in copper based and aluminium alloys, 1800kgs in HC copper and 3000kgs in iron alloys.

Pouring Metal

Our moulding and metallurgical skills have created a multi-disciplined foundry acting as a one-stop-shop to service our diverse customer base throughout the UK and Worldwide.

If you would like to know more about our casting service then we would be only too happy to talk to you to see how we could help. Please call us on 0141 776 7701 or email