Metal Cast Pumps and Valves

Since we began trading, over 60 years ago, one sector where our products have been very much in demand is the pump & valve sector.

Past projects have seen us provide copper based and aluminium alloy castings for a number of different industries, such as; engineering, water handling and power generation.

The integrity and quality of these products have to be of the highest order, they simply cannot fail once they are ‘put to work’, therefore it is important when choosing a manufacturer of these products that a company looks to a provider with an excellent reputation in the marketplace and a track record where we have delivered time and time again.

Many of the products that we produced decades ago are still in ‘active service’ to this day. We believe this is a testimony to their quality and the craftmanship of our skilled workforce who produced them all those years ago.

Pumps and Valves

We have a number of customers who have been very loyal to us for a number of years now and we believe that a major reason for this is they appreciate the high standards we maintain and our approach to excellence. As such, our relationship with these customers has developed over the years with many of our customers now looking upon us as a trusted supplier who adds a great deal of value to their operations.

One of the reasons our products remain in operation for many, many years is the fact that each product undergoes a series of stringent tests before it leaves the foundry, bound for the customer. These tests ensure it has been properly cast and will suffer no loss of performance due to leaks or cracks.

Our approach to producing quality products is without doubt a cornerstone of Archibald Young’s reputation and one which we work hard to maintain with every new product that we make for a client.

If you have a requirement for a copper based or aluminium alloy casting for the pump & valve sector then we would be only too happy to talk to you to see how we could help. Please call us on 0141 776 7701 or email