Cast Metal Products for the Power Generation Sector

When it comes to supplying the power generation sector with quality copper based and aluminium alloy castings there is one name that everyone looks for and that’s Archibald Young Foundry. We have been successfully supplying this sector for a number of years now.

Power is what keeps the country running, whether it is to ensure domestic supply or to keep industry going. As such, the parts that we produce in order to the machines working, need to be of the highest quality.

Archibald Young Foundry has an excellent reputation for producing castings of the highest quality for the power generation sector. Our products can often be found as a constituent part of a much larger machine, that in-turn is used to generate the power supplied to the national grid.

Power Generation

All our products are quality tested prior to leaving the foundry to ensure that they are of the highest quality. This quality comes from a combination of only using the finest raw materials and having a workforce that is highly skilled and very well trained.

Archibald Young Foundry deliver precision cast parts to meet the requirements of the power generation industry. Our castings are durable and reliable and can meet the exceptional demand placed upon them.

If you have a requirement for a copper based or aluminium alloy casting for the power generation sector then we would be only too happy to talk to you to see how we could help. Please call us on 0141 776 7701 or email