Designer and Architectural Bespoke Cast Metal

Archibald Young Foundry like nothing more than a challenge, which is why when we are called upon by our clients to produce a be-spoke product we always look to rise to the occasion.

A good example of this is when we have worked with a number of internationally renowned artists, who have commissioned us to produce copper based and aluminium alloy castings for sculpted pieces of art that they are looking to create.

In the past we have been commissioned to produce stand-alone pieces of art, as well as briefs where the products we have been commissioned to produce have then gone on to form a much bigger piece of art. Whatever the brief we are always up for the challenge.

We work very closely with the artist on their brief, helping them understand the limitations of the products that we can produce as well as the process involved in the production process.

These be-spoke pieces are fast becoming an area of expertise of Archibald Young Foundry as word spreads within the creative industries sector and as a result many artists now approach us direct to discuss taking on a new brief.

Artistic Castings

As well as being commissioned by artists we have also been commissioned by a number of local authorities who for example may be seeking a plaque to commemorate an opening of a new building or a decorative piece that is to be situated in a public park.

Finally, we have also been commissioned directly by home owners who may be interested in sourcing a piece of art for their garden and have a design in mind.

Whatever the requirement we always welcome the conversation to see what the customer needs and how we can help, advising the client and guiding them through the production process.

If you have a requirement for a copper based or aluminium alloy casting for the creative industry sector then we would be only too happy to talk to you to see how we could help. Please call us on 0141 776 7701 or email