Sand Casting Foundry

Archibald Young Foundry is a company that is renowned for the production of copper based, iron and aluminium alloy castings from 0.1kg to 500kg.

We have manufactured copper based and aluminium alloy castings at our site in the town of Kirkintilloch, to the North East of Glasgow, for more than 65 years and in that time have supplied many clients across many different sectors both in the UK and throughout the world.

Our reputation for the production of these castings proceeds us, in fact, such is the quality of our workmanship that the products we provide for our customers are still in use years later.

As a company we have always kept a keen eye on market developments in order to not only survive, but to excel and prosper.

We have a history in not only investing in the business but also in our workforce, ensuring that we have the best possible skills base working in our business as possible, ensuring we deliver for our clients’ time and time again.