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Article taken from The Scottish Export Review - Issue 34, Summer 2002 


Exploring new markets

Archibald Young Ltd, Export Article

One company that has enjoyed significant success as a result of an Export Explorer visit is Kirkintilloch-based company Archibald Young Ltd.  The company has three foundries and produces castings which it sells principally to pump and valve manufacturers.

Ian Young, managing director of the company, went on the Export Explorer visit to Dublin in April.  Although the company was already exporting to a few countries in Europe, this was not through deliberate targeting of specific markets.  "I chose to go on the Export Explorer visit, because I knew Ireland was an accessible export market, and also to go through the process of investigating a market with practical support on an export mission," says Young.  "And the support was excellent.  From the fact that all accommodation and travel was sorted out, which takes away a great deal of the concern involved in a market visit, through to providing the links to market information."

The Export Explorer Programme focuses on investigating a potential market, rather than necessarily winning business on the first visit itself.  However, Young managed to win a significant order worth 4,000 during the three days in Dublin, and received an enquiry for an order worth 50,000.  The visit to Ireland was vital in winning the business, as it allowed Young not only to investigate the opportunities, but also to evaluate his potential competitors.  "It was only by being across in Ireland, assessing the market and listening to the problems that my competitors have that I realised there was an opening here."

The support provided through Export Explorer means that Young was able to make the most of three days in Dublin, and the company can now go on to make greater inroads into the market.  "The programme makes life much easier.  As a small company you often don't have the time or resources to investigate a market yourself and organise a visit to that market," says Young.  "So the organisation responsibility is looked after and you also have the support of a peer group, the value of which should never be underestimated."



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